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    Lansing’s Dream is Possible

    In providing a quality college education to Lansing children, we give them the added edge to compete in a rapidly changing world of opportunity, strengthen our City’s future talent pool, positively impact Lansing’s economic condition and transform our community.

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    Our Dream is your Success

    Our youth is our investment into the future of Lansing. We encourage you to give in a way that is as significant as their potential for success. Your contribution in the Lansing Promise Scholarship Program will help enable Lansing to educate our way to a more prosperous future.

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    Your Dream is Our Promise

    The Promise provides Lansing high school students with the opportunity to further advance their potential and capabilities at the post-secondary education level through a unique paid scholarship program. It creates a promise of hope for their future.

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    Education Matters

    “Ninety percent of the fastest growing jobs require post-secondary education or training, and yet we’re not equipping enough of our citizens, especially people of color, to seize these opportunities.”  Margaret Spellings, Former Secretary of Education

Welcome to the Lansing Promise

The Lansing Promise is a scholarship program designed to transform the lives of students, families and the Lansing community. It offer a promise of hope for Lansing’s youth and a long-term goal of changing the culture of Lansing into a well-educated, vibrant, prosperous community for years to come. It inspires students to complete high school, sharpens focus on academic achievement and provides a direct path to post-secondary educational opportunities.


The Promise is an award offered to graduates of public and private schools within the Lansing School District (“LSD”) boundaries. It provides the financial assistance necessary to obtain a two-year degree or its equivalent at an eligible school. Students who are striving to successfully complete their high school education will be met with several scholarship options for post-secondary education through two powerful higher education institutions – Lansing Community College and Michigan State University.

Student Spotlight

“Why take out $40,000 in loans when you can have your tuition paid for? The scholarship helps make school more affordable and takes the pressure off so my focus can be on accomplishing success at school.”
Lansing Promise Scholar Cecilia Major
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“Thanks to the H.O.P.E. Scholarship Program, I was able to graduate from LCC last year with my general associate’s degree and debt free! This scholarship gave me the drive I needed after high school to continue my education.”
H.O.P.E scholar Cyndi Gallegos
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Donate to the Lansing Promise

Education is for all of us, a bridge to a life of meaning and purpose. Your gift to the Lansing Promise will help a student make those next important steps across that bridge. It takes an average of $2,500 per year for Lansing Promise to support each student served. Those dollars provide scholarships, and other educational supports that can set the stage for future success. Donate now!

Promise Eligibility Check List

  • Graduated from a Lansing High School
  • Attended for Four Consecutive Years
  • Live within the Lansing School District
  • Accepted to MSU or LCC