To complete the online Lansing Promise Application you must:

1. Read the Lansing Promise scholarship requirements.

2. Meet all of the following criteria:

  • Live within the Lansing School District boundaries.
  • Attend 9th -12th grades at a high school within the Lansing School District boundaries.
  • Graduate from a high school within the Lansing School District boundaries.
  • Be accepted to Michigan State University, Lansing Community College, or Olivet College and complete the FAFSA.
  • Apply to the Promise by the April 1st deadline within one year of graduation. If you miss the April 1st deadline, you can still apply to the Promise, however your application will be processed after the next application deadline. You will not be eligible for funds during that time until your application is processed.

3. Have graduated from, or intend to graduate from Lansing Eastern, Lansing Everett, Lansing Sexton, Lansing Catholic High, Michigan Virtual High School, or Home School and have at minimum four or more consecutive years in the Lansing School District leading up to graduation (9-12th grade) or have a GED with eight consecutive years in Lansing School District and be under the age of 20. You have one year from the time of graduation to apply for the Promise.

4. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

5. Be accepted to Lansing Community College (LCC), Michigan State University (MSU), or Olivet College.

6. Have your LCC, MSU, or Olivet student ID number available. If you have not received your College Student ID number yet, please do not apply for the Promise Scholarship until you have. A valid college student ID must be provided.

7. Accept the Tuition Incentive Program (T.I.P.) Scholarship if eligible.

If you have any specific questions about the Lansing Promise or eligibility please send them to

Note: If you have already applied to the Promise and been accepted, you do NOT have to apply again each semester. Once accepted, your Promise Scholarship is good until the maximum amount of funds have been applied or you discontinue your studies.

 Information about YOU: (All information is required)

(Note: If applying for multiple students, please use a unique email address for each student, otherwise the second application will be seen as a duplicate.)
If YOU Are Under Age 18
Information About YOUR High School (All information is required)
Graduate of Which High School?
Lansing Everett High School
Lansing Sexton High School
Woodcreek Achievement Center
Lansing Catholic High School
Michigan Virtual High School / Home School
Charter School / Home School
Year of Graduation: (Must apply within 1 year of graduation)

Consecutive Years In Lansing School District:
9th grade to 12th grade = 100% scholarship
GED with eight consecutive years in Lansing School District = 100% scholarship (under age 20)
Information About YOUR College Acceptance (All information is required)
Which college have you been accepted to and plan to attend?
Lansing Community College (LCC) Michigan State University (MSU) Olivet College
Please enter your LCC, MSU or Olivet Student ID#:
(LCC student numbers begin with X-------- and MSU student ID numbers begin with A--------. If you don't have your student number, please contact the admissions office at your college before applying for the Promise.)
Year you will be starting college:

Note: You have one year from high school graduation to apply for the Lansing Promise Scholarship and four years to complete your associates degree (or 65 credits) at LCC from graduation.
Information About YOUR College Scholarships, Awards & Grants (All information is required)
Have You Completed Your FAFSA?
No. Not eligible for Lansing Promise. Please reapply when FAFSA is completed.

Are You a H.O.P.E. Scholar?

Are You Eligible For The T.I.P. Tuition Incentive Program?
Not sure. (See or call
1-888-4-GRANTS (1-888-447-2687).
Your Lansing Promise Scholarship Acceptance & Authorization To Release Educational Records

I hereby authorize any school that I am enrolled in that participates in the Lansing Promise Scholarship, through its agents and employees, to release any of my financial aid, attendance, demographic and/or academic record information, in whole or in part, to the Lansing Promise Director, or his/her designee, to facilitate the analysis of my scholarship eligibility and the subsequent educational and economic impact of this scholarship.

As a recipient of a Lansing Promise scholarship, that award information becomes part of my educational record. By consenting to receive any scholarship amount awarded to me, I agree to allow the release of this information in my educational record to third parties specified under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA affords certain rights to students concerning the privacy of, and access to, their education records. While this form authorizes my school, in conjunction with the Lansing Promise, to release educational records to third parties, it does not obligate either entity to do so. My school reserves the right to review and respond to requests for release of my educational record on a case-by-case basis. For additional information, I can visit the U.S. Department of Education’s website at:

The Lansing Promise Scholarship can have several positive impacts on postsecondary enrollment, persistence, degree attainment and overall success in college. To understand these impacts, I authorize my postsecondary academic record information, in whole or in part, to be released back to the Lansing Promise Director, or his/her designee, in adherence to FERPA for analysis to inform and improve the Promise Scholarship program. 

I also authorize the Lansing Promise to use information regarding my scholarship in promotion of the Promise Scholarship.

This release is authorized starting on the date of the signature on this agreement and after scholarship receipt for statistical purposes. To rescind this Authorization, I understand that I must submit written notification of rescission to my school.  I will also notify the Lansing Promise in writing of my decision to rescind my authorization. This rescission would result in the termination of my receipt of the scholarship.

My electronic signature (or that of my parent/guardian if I am under the age of 18) below indicates that I have read this Authorization to Release Educational Records form and that I authorize the release of educational records as described above.

I certify that all information submitted in this application is accurate and true.

Enter Electronic Signature:
If applicant is under the age of 18, please enter parent or guardian's name.