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The Lansing Promise Scholarship Program is available to all students living and attending school within the Lansing School District geographic boundaries.  It offers you the opportunity for post-secondary education support as a high school graduate, by providing the financial assistance necessary to obtain up to 60 credits at Lansing Community College or up to $5,000 toward tuition and fees at Michigan State University.


The Lansing Promise Scholarship is available to all eligible students that graduated in 2013 and later.  Graduates have up until one year following graduation to apply for the Promise.  For students who graduated in 2013, you are currently eligible to apply for the upcoming award deadline of November 1, 2013.  LCC will soon be enrolling students for Spring 2014 semester, with classes beginning January 13.


Our team is here to provide guidance and support for you as you strive to successfully complete high school and prepare for your post-secondary education!


The Lansing Promise Scholarship is designed to give you the financial assistance you need to begin your journey.  This website provides all the information you need to determine your scholarship eligibility, and provides you with a step-by-step application guide.


Additional Resources

Education Week: EdX (Havard) and MIT are releasing 26 free online courses that cover AP, high school, and college material.  These courses can be used by students to complement existing courses or prepare for upcoming ones. For more information visit