The Impact of Lansing Promise

“Everything we want in life can happen through education.”  Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson, former Lansing Everett High School student, Michigan State Spartan, Los Angeles Lakers Basketball star and successful business owner.

  • An estimated 925 students graduate from Lansing School District and Lansing Catholic Central high schools each year.  Approximately 40% of graduating students or 330 will be college bound.
  • Lansing Promise directly benefits Lansing by increasing the number of high school and college graduates, helping to retain and attract jobs and industry to Lansing, providing the potential to raise personal income that supports local businesses, revitalizing core urban areas and strengthening the Lansing community’s social fabric.
  • Challenged by some of the lowest graduation rates in the state at just over 50%, Lansing Promise provides a path for reversing this negative trend in the Lansing Schools to a trend of growth.

Kalamazoo Promise:

Findings from the model Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship were profoundly and positively impactful. Teachers felt more motivated and supported. Students reported positive change in their aspirations, taking on more challenging and advanced courses and raising their own academic expectations. Parents shared that they were more focused on their children’s school work and were enforcing more social and academic discipline at home. Community organizations created new or expanded programming for services such as tutoring and providing material aid to families in poverty. The Kalamazoo Promise leveraged increased volunteerism in the community, and the changes the Promise has helped promote have fostered goodwill, generosity and increased commitment to children.


Our Partners in Success: