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History and Overview

• Legislation was passed in 2009 that created ten Michigan Promise Zone Authorities, including Lansing

• Zones were selected based on percentage of children under age 18 living at or below the federal poverty level must be greater than state average

• The main goal of promise zones is to transform communities by providing higher educational opportunities at no or low cost

• The Department of State Treasury provides oversight of all promise zones

What is the Lansing Promise Scholarship?

• A college scholarship equivalent to an associate's degree (up to 60 credits) at Lansing Community College or $5,000 at Michigan State University

How does the Scholarship work?

• Student must reside within the boundaries of the LSD

• Student must attend four consecutive years and graduate from a public or non-public school located within LSD or attend for eight or more consecutive years and obtain a GED before age 20

• Households must meet federal eligibility requirements to apply for federal student aid and complete FAFSA each year

• Students must apply within one year of graduation or completion of GED

• Students must be admitted and enrolled at an eligible school

• Enrolled students must maintain compliance with the eligible school's academic standards and make regular progress toward a degree or certification

• Students must complete a minimum of six credit hours per semester

• Students will have a maximum four years from high school graduation to use funds

Extent of Benefits

• For eligible students, the total amount of Lansing Promise scholarship dollars will be awarded on the basis of length of consecutive attendance at a public or non-public school within the boundaries of the Lansing School District. Please visit to determine your eligibility amount.

How does the Lansing Promise Scholarship impact other scholarships we have applied for?

• The Lansing Promise Scholarship is a "last chance" program; students must apply for and accept all federal and state scholarships (e.g. Tuition Incentive Program) and grants before the amount of the Promise will be determined for a given year.

• Students who are Lansing H.O.P.E. Scholarship-eligible must waive their H.O.P.E. scholarship in order to receive the Lansing Promise scholarship.

• The Promise may be used to replace or supplement loans, work-study opportunities, private scholarships, or expected family contributions, but the Promise may not be used to replace federal or state grants or scholarships.

What is the application process?

• Confirm the eligibility of your student through the high school counseling office « Once eligibility is confirmed, scholarship applications must be submitted online at

• Application deadline for fall start in college is June 1st

• Application deadline for spring start in college is November 1st


• Visit your high school counseling office for assistance, or email questions to

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